Having a Food Truck is a Great Thing

Festival Food Trucks

Music, beer, and food just go together. If you didn’t already know this, what have you been doing your whole life? Get out there and try it!

Each of these things is great on its own, but when put together, they become a little bit better than the sum of each individual part. That experience is what this site is all about, after all. Our goal is to help you find the very best of each of these the next time you go out for a night of entertainment.

That’s why today’s blog is focused on festival food trucks. You’re already at the concert listening to your favorite groups rocking out. The only thing that can make this type of experience better is a cold beer and an awesome plate of food.

Think Beyond Fast Food

Food trucks today give us more options than ever before. In fact, you can find almost any type of food you can imagine being peddled out of the side of a food truck. In the past, festival food almost always meant some variation of fast food. Whether it was hot dogs and burgers, or maybe even a chicken dinner, if you were out at a concert or event and were looking for a meal, your options almost always were limited to fast, mass-produced food. If you were in the mood for something a little different, you were out of luck.

I don’t know if it’s because of the on-demand culture that services like Netflix and Amazon have created, but you have a lot more choices today than you used to. And that’s not changing anytime soon, thankfully. Food trucks are an easy way for festival organizers to make money and allow patrons to get a custom-made meal. Instead of paying someone to flip burgers, festivals can actually collect money from food trucks that want to sell their products on the festival premises. This allows for a little bit of extra profit for the festival itself, and a better overall experience for attendees.

That’s good news for you and me. If I don’t want to eat a burger when I go out to see a band play, I don’t have to. Food trucks cover pretty much anything you can think of. You will find grilled cheese trucks, Greek food, Italian, Chinese, comfort food, desserts, and a whole bunch of other styles. If you’re looking for something that’s quick and easy to make or something that requires more attention from a professional chef, food trucks have you covered.

Don’t Forget Drinks!

Food is just a part of the equation. Good beer (and other beverages, I suppose) are the other ingredient that you’ll need to get the most out of your next music festival experience. Most festivals will have a beer tent that covers the standard draft beers. There might even be a beer sponsor for the festival, which means your options can be limited. But one of the cool things about food trucks is that a lot of them are allowed to serve beer if they have the proper licenses. You can often find those awesome little microbrews through the food trucks that are also serving food. This is an easy way to try something new or grab a hard to find a favorite. If you’re in the mood for something a little fancier, you can always ask the truck operators about pairing your meal with an ideal beer.

Either way, when you combine music, good food, and great beer, your experience is going to be way better than one or two of these things alone. Make the most out of your next festival and hit up the food truck court to see what’s out there.